Webinar - Integrating Voice of the Customer approaches in a large health system

When:  Apr 20, 2023 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)

Improving Patient Experience scores didn’t happen overnight at ProMedica but rather is a result of a multiple initiatives focused on listening to and engaging with customers and workforce. Throughout its journey of excellence utilizing the Baldrige Excellence Framework, ProMedica has worked to enhance a culture of excellence with every customer interaction. Creating structural alignment, analyzing how to hear the voices of customers, and consistently reporting data in a transparent approach have all contributed to increased patient experience results. Early on, its Service Excellence department created a system level team, with representation from across the organization to focus on patient experience efforts. The team worked together to devise basic expectations for every interaction, set long term goals for patient satisfaction results, and address the need for consistent transparent reporting across business units and divisions. Ashlie Fritz will share some best practices ProMedica implemented to create a culture of patient experience among workforce, how it measures the customers’ voice and creates alignment throughout the organization, and the resultant patient experience improvements it has experienced. 

Ashlie Fritz has worked at ProMedica in system level departments for over 20 years with a focus around Quality and Patient Experience. Her passion for systematic approaches and fact-based decision making has fit well with ProMedica’s High Reliability culture shift. She has been involved with ProMedica’s TPE application team for the past seven years and as a TPE examiner for the past three years. Ashlie is also a recent National Baldrige examiner.