Process Insights Series: The 7Enablers of BPM

By Lourdes Gonzalez posted 11-16-2023 14:03


Work processes are integral components across all six process categories within the Baldrige Excellence Framework. Achieving business excellence requires a cohesive integration of seven key elements that form the backbone of process-based management. Central to this approach is the development of a robust process architecture, a systematic framework laying the foundation for documenting processes as the crucial initial step. Subsequently, these processes undergo measurement, accompanied by the establishment of process governance to designate responsibility for addressing performance issues. Emphasizing the importance of process improvement, we recognize that without it, all efforts become futile.

In fostering a culture of ubiquitous process thinking, embedding these ideas into the organizational fabric is imperative. While having a dedicated Business Process Management (BPM) group initially seems beneficial, it becomes limiting and impractical over time, imposing ironic constraints on the very process it aims to enhance. Therefore, building the capacity to analyze, improve, and manage processes at all levels of the organization is indispensable.

Introducing our enlightening video on the '7 Enablers of BPM,' we invite you to explore and embark on your journey toward process excellence. Discover insights, learn from practical examples, and witness the transformative power of effective process management.

Embark on your process excellence journey by watching our Process Insights video and share with us your experiences and insights!

7 Enablers of BPM




11-20-2023 09:10

@Josh Racette, in our engagement with organizations across diverse sectors, we've identified two significant opportunities for improvement. Firstly, there is often room for enhancement in the development of the organization's business process architecture. As Baldrige examiner, I've observed some gaps in effectively linking their Vision and Mission (Organizational Profile), Strategies (Category 2) to their key processes (Category 6).

Our approach to addressing this opportunity involves embracing process-based management (BPM), defined as the continuous oversight of the hierarchy of processes responsible for creating, accumulating, and delivering value. This is pursued with a deliberate focus on optimizing process performance through mindful, continuous improvement. The foundational step towards achieving process excellence is the meticulous definition of the organization's business architecture. This entails identifying three critical groups of cross-functional processes: Management Processes, Core Processes, and Support Processes. This holistic perspective provides a comprehensive understanding of how the organization delivers value to its customers and/or patients.

Within the Baldrige Excellence Framework, we specifically inquire about how organizations design and manage their processes (Item 6.1), as well as how they actively manage, analyze, and improve their overall organizational performance (Item 4.1). Hence, secondly, a notable opportunity for improvement lies in achieving active management of processes. This is realized when two essential cycles are concurrently in motion: Process Ownership and Processes Improvement. To facilitate a deeper understanding, I recommend Baldrige members to explore the Tregear Circles video as it provides valuable insights into the synergy between these two critical aspects.

11-18-2023 08:46

@Lourdes Gonzalez and @Roger Tregear, you have done a very nice job explaining this content, and I found it very engaging. With the work you are doing, where are you seeing the biggest opportunities for improvement for organizations?